Friday, April 4, 2014

~* Where Have You Been!? *~

Yeah, you're probably wondering where I've been...
Then again, probably not, but since you're here I'm going to tell you anyhow.
Sort of.

One day, I'll buckle down and just launch a vlog channel...
But I'm not enough of a camera whore (anymore, lol).

I'm back in GA/TN! Yes, I'm literally in both states at once. I cloned myself (lol, I wish).
I've been perusing Facebook as a normal person (riiiiight) and then today, I learned that I had a Tumblr account. It's apparently connected to my Instagram account, so I'm thinking I'm gonna start using my SmartPhone again. (lol)
I've gotta make some more money first. I seem to make all of my money at once and then, no matter how much I try to save it and be frugal, it never seems to last quite long enough. :P Story of my life. I don't even buy anything (that I don't absolutely need... Like food... I NEED food. Every day, all of the time... I'm a fat girl on the inside <
As a side note: I've been figure modeling for Stan at Townsend Atelier again.
This is a crop of a nude painting by James Courtenay.
Anyhow, I'm getting off tangent. Is it bad that I want to go to school again primarily for the fact that if I get the certification I'll get a discount at my favorite cosmetic store??? It's not the ONLY reason, mind you... Just the... Main one. Today. Again, off subject. I've had a lot of muffins today, so I'm probably rambling.

I promised I'd show up at my friends event tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited about that.
She's hosting a Casting Call tomorrow at the Marriot Convention center, and though I've never been to a casting call, she invited me herself, so I'm more than happy to oblige her. ^_^
Also, there's a car auction there tomorrow, right before her event, so I get to kind of go on a some-what-of-a date-type-thing/outing with my love. ♥

I'd tell you about all of the beautiful jewelry I've been making, but I can't trust those rich assholes not to steal my ideas and get rich(er) off of them, so I'm keeping it to myself until otherwise noted. But, to say the least, I'm damn-good at fashion design.

And the great thing is: 
I don't have to hire someone or steal ideas to make it look like I know what I'm doing.
I just happen to know what I'm doing.

And I owe it all to myself, and my wicked awesome neighbor for lending me the tools. ^_^

In other news, and because I'm tired of typing, I'm making plans to spend Beltane with some friends around the bonfire we're going to have down at our property. I probably won't update again until then (unless something magnificent happens, lol). The wantonness to host the event was primarily inspired by A) My love for paganism and B) Attending the Euphoria event/rave for a night last week. It was my first event of that kind, but not my first time being in that kind of environment. I guess I never knew that kind of environment had a title. Haha!

Anyhow, I had 2 wrists full of Kandi and I figured out where the Mayans and Aztecs got the inspiration for their blocky and symmetrical artwork and designs. Too bad I'm allergic to rye.
That last sentence was almost an inside joke. I do that a lot.

Kandi Infection... It's SPREADING...
Bonus points if you can name the music video in the background.
Hint: It's 5 letter word.
 Well, I'm outies!
May happiness light the path to your greatest desires!

Friday, April 12, 2013

~* March in April *~

'Emotion' by Rashida Darby

There are things that I will never forget,
Like all the things said under your breath,
And the messages you got before you left,
And how I forgave after I wept...

There are things I can never un-see,
Like your smile and it's beauty to me,
And the truth lain behind your glares,
And your imperfection with perfect pairs...

Even things that I can not un-feel,
Like my dreams, both real and surreal,
And the dollar so far from my hands.
Like this world and all  its mad demands...

There are things that I can not un-want,
Like my angst to know what's going on,
And the death of all secretive seeds,
Behind doors, behind walls, beneath sheets...

So much more that I can not un-know.
Flaws and all, still I am kept so.
Like a weed in a field left to grow,
and all the penance yet still owed...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

~* D Cup Boobies - Hangin' Out *~

My lover is a godsend. Went to buy a new bra today and discovered that I've been wearing the wrong size for who-knows-how-long now. Apparently, I'm no longer a B cup, but a D cup. 32" D... You should have seen the look on my face in the dressing room. 100 lbs, with a D cup... Pure astonishment. It's gonna take a while to get used to... Explains a lot of the back problems though.

I got so excited that I called my mom on the way to the grocery store to tell her about it. She admitted to wondering if they were real when she'd see photos of me, and asked me if they were store-bought or self-grown, and then we wound up having a conversation about how guys would always ask me the same thing in high school ("R Y3r B3wbs fak3???"). And they always got the same response:
"What!? No... Wait, why!?"

Anyhow, I still don't believe it. Maybe it was just miss-tagged? Hrm... We shall see.

Also, I have the coolest, most compassionate boss in the world.When things go terribly wrong on either end of business, he effortlessly accepts the damages and then goes about patching them, even if it's not 1% his fault. Why can't all bosses be like that? Honest and giving and 'ish (all while still maintaining that 'G4L' vibe)?

I guess while I'm on the subject, I should also mention that my coworkers are the 'ish too. There aren't many of them, but hey - the fewer the better at the moment. (lol) The ones that are affiliated are more than worth their weight in gold. Good peeps, man. Good peeps (and I don't mean that godawful candy bird-crap).

In other news, since I've finally semi-sttled into a place in No Ho, I've begun digging out my old sewing projects and preparing new ones. Haven't dug the sewing machine back out just yet, but it's coming... Soon. Soon.
I still have to sell some of the things I HAVE made.
But until then, I've got something that might be even more entertaining for you. :o

Hangin out with THE Rami Evan-esh a.k.a. Kosha Dillz! Hangin' out with your buds is all about the random awkward 'ish that happens (whether purposefully induced or not). It's about the music and the memories... And there's no shortage of either when #HanginOut with the Dillz.

I got to play the sleepy awkward love interest. Drill-wha? Hammer-huh? Hrm? Chewbacca!? Elvis?
The ultimate 'Harlem Shake' video?!
Oh, and congrats to Kosha for generating SO much with his kickstarter!
I think he got over 2000 more than his intended goal. :o
Oh! And speaking of those controversial and ever-entertaining 'Harlem Shake' vids... Who's the one who just up and decided to take the name of the ever-popular "Lil' Bow Wow dance move" and give it to... Randomness. I get the sociopolitical view point of the video, sure. But who decided to - Ah, nevermind.
Or in the words of my childhood crush, Kel Mitchell:
"Aw~ Here it go'!" *runs off stage*

(Thnx for the back scratch, btw Kosha. lol)
More on the video later.
More of other things later, too! :o